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Congressman Tells Low-Income Worker: Higher Minimum Wage Is ‘Not Right’





How did I guess this guy was a republican?

His little line about, “If the government’s going to tell me how much I can get paid and when I can work and when I can’t work, then we have a serious problem in this country,” basically translates to you should have the “freedom” to work as many hours for as little pay as possible.

I simply can’t wrap my head around people who defend this type of mindset who aren’t wealthy.

(they’re racist)

From the article:

I want to know, would you take a walk in my shoes? Lay your tie and your suit down, just for a day, 24 hours, and take a walk in my shoes. The people that I work with, we’re keeping the economy floating and going in the cycle. But the people that hire, they’re just paying money, just throwing money. But I’m actually working every day.

I really think this should be a thing. I think there should be a requirement where, like, once every year, every politician has to go and work one day at a minimum wage job just to see what the hell it’s like. Just, y’know, take a break for one day from their high-paying, prestigious careers where they can give themselves all the raises they want and they don’t even have to fucking show up to vote on shit if they don’t feel like it. Just get them in the trenches flipping burgers or on the front lines ringing up shitty customers who blame them for company policies they have no control over and still don’t have the decency to see the person behind the register as a human being. Fucking challenge them to last the whole day at that job, I fucking dare them. I bet most of them won’t.

And it still won’t be enough because how can you even convey to these dickheads what it’s like to be trapped forever in a dead-end job where you never get promoted and maybe don’t even have benefits despite working full time or near-full time hours or maybe you have to work overtime just to afford all the basic things you need in order to LIVE, while also worrying about health problems or personal problems or getting fired or laid off because you’re just a disposable meat machine as far as the company is concerned. And people look down on you and treat you as less than trash because you got stuck in a shitty job and “oh, you should have stayed in school” or “you shouldn’t have gone to such an expensive school and got a worthless degree and gone into debt, and why didn’t you just invest your money and own some property and start your own business like a smart entrepreneur?” and basically “you just shouldn’t exist at all” because what even is the alternative??? And this is your life every day of every year forever.

If we could somehow find a way to transplant that experience directly into politicians’ brains when they say this kind of dismissive shit, then maybe they wouldn’t be so fucking out of touch with reality. I don’t even care what their opinions or politics are or whether they’re for raising the minimum wage or not. I just want them to know what the fuck the rest of humanity has to put up with.

The real question is: why do our politicians have to come from the wealthiest people alive? Why can’t people who’ve already lived that, not as an experiment or a learning experience, but as their actual lives, become elected officials?

You know why.

We are not represented.


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